Yoga - Child's Pose

Fascia: The Tissue that Binds

Fascia is the name for the connective tissue that runs through our bodies, connecting bones to bones and bones to muscles (and much more).  In fact, 30% of our muscle tissue is actually fascia. 

FOTM – Aparigraha and Grace

I spent the last weekend of October at a massage therapy training, learning how to re-program motor pathways by simply showing the body that something is not quite right. It was a fascinating example of how our perspective defines what we see. It struck me, more than once, how similar this neuro-muscular reprogramming work is to the work of yoga.

Balancing Act

FOTM – Transitions and Balance

Transitions October is a month of transition.  Summer is over, and fall is just beginning to creep in.  It’s a transition here, too, as I have spent the last 6 …