Stupid Jokes and Silly Rituals

Patient: Dr., It hurts when I do this…
Dr.: Then don’t do that!

It’s an old joke, I have no idea where I heard it, and its obvious truth is the source of its humour.  Of course, in terms of bio-mechanics, it’s not the most practical or helpful answer.  If you went to your doctor because you couldn’t raise your arm and this was his or her answer, you’d find a new doctor.  But in terms of the beliefs that shape our lives, it’s a perfectly valid, difficult answer.

Nearly a year ago, I went to a workshop on manifesting the life you want to live.  At the time, I had just received my license for massage but has not decided what my next step would be.  The workshop felt perfectly timed to give me some external motivation and support in figuring out and taking that next step.

One of my key take-aways from that workshop was this:  If you want to manifest something, you have to change the beliefs you have that contradict what you want, especially the subconscious ones.  The message you send to the universe has to be clear; the beliefs that drive what you choose have to be united.  If you’ve read my other posts, you know that (like many people) I’ve been working on my deeply rooted fear surrounding financial security, and that this fear has been my biggest challenge in this whole process of changing careers.  So of course, having enough money and time to do the things I enjoy was a big part of my focus at the workshop.  I worried that, to have enough money to do the things I wanted, I’d have to spend so much time working that I wouldn’t have the time to do the things.  I felt that time and money were opposite ends of a see-saw, and increasing what I had on one side would decrease what I had on the other side.

Manifestation is partly about believing in a win-win situation, a pie that always has another slice, an economy of abundance rather than scarcity.  These models aren’t part of our cultural upbringing, no matter how much they get talked about – it’s just not the way Americans are taught to think.  My time/money see-saw was definitely not that pie, and no matter how I looked at it, I couldn’t see it differently.  Even through the exercises we did, I was not able to root out this belief in language that allowed me to change it.  So, I struggle.  (Dr., it hurts…!)

Recently, I’ve been scouring the internet to learn about prosperity rituals.  I’m not superstitious, but I believe that spending a few minutes focusing on something every day primes your mind to zoom in on details and opportunities throughout the day that are in resonance with that intention, and primes the conscious mind to make decisions that are in line with the intention, with less effort than an un-primed mind. A ritual is not vastly different; it sets a tone.

The ritual I found that resonated most with me is one that has you begin with the belief that most of us have: “Money is hard to come by; it doesn’t grow on trees.”  You sit with that for a moment, noticing how you feel as you participate in that belief.  Then you either literally burn the statement on a piece of paper or imagine that belief burning and going up in smoke.  Then you invite a new belief: “Money is easy to come by; it’s as if it grows on trees.”  You then imagine being under a tree, and a dollar bill is falling to where you are, then more dollars fall and soon it’s raining money.  You sit with that visualization, and notice how you feel as you realize that you have more than enough.  I know, it sounds a little silly.

But I went through the process.  And in the process of imagining myself surrounded by all that money raining down, I was finally able (9 or more months later) to speak my belief in words that allow me to change it:  I have had this unconscious (now conscious) belief that to make as much money as I want requires requires work with busyness and urgency; a job that is relaxed and easy-paced won’t make enough money to live with ease.  Boiled down: Having enough money requires having a stressful job.  Boiled down even further: I can have work stress or money stress; no stress is not an option.

What a depressing, and ridiculous, belief!  (Dr., it hurts when I do this…!  Then don’t do that!)  And when I expressed this belief in these words, I laughed out loud.  Even though there is truth in it (meaning that lots of people do actively participate in this belief), it does sound ridiculous.  I can let go of ridiculous.  Okay, Dr., I won’t do that.

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