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Sarah is working in northern Orange County. You can reach her at or 919-590-9494.

Two days ago I had trouble walking. Today I ran the race, albeit at my long slow distance pace, with particular attention to my hip. You got me back on the road!

~ Brandon R.

Sarah Young started her practice in massage therapy in 2017, after years of working in the information technology industry. Looking for a different pace and a different impact, and fascinated by what she had learned of the human body through yoga, she pursued massage therapy as another way to help people reconnect positively to their bodies. Her current study and area of focus is neuro-muscular reprogramming – a technique that uses muscle testing to restore function and alleviate tightness, tension and pain (read more).  She offers customized therapeutic massage, primarily combining Swedish, deep tissue, and neuro-muscular reprogramming techniques. She also offers manual lymphatic drainage massage for detoxification, vacuum cupping, and reiki.