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In 2022, find Vickie at 410 Millstone Drive, in Hillsborough NC. Schedule online, or visit for more information.

Vickie is a wizard! Just tell her what hurts and she will fix it! I have been with her for 14 years and would not trade her in for anyone else, to put my body back in position.

~ Josephine I.

Vickie Fitzsimmons, a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, has been a licensed massage and bodywork practitioner since 2003. She is licensed to practice in North Carolina and Maryland.

Vickie’s work, a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, is designed to promote relaxation, ease restrictions and reduce stress all in an effort to bring the body into balance and alignment. Each session is specifically designed for the needs of the individual. With the clients permission pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are incorporated into each massage.

Vickie is fascinated by the interconnectedness of the body and strongly believes we are not the sum of our parts but rather an interconnected whole with innate intelligence that allows for optimal functioning and healing. She loves learning about the body and sharing that knowledge with her clients.